Comments Policy

On every article we post, we have a comments section underneath (the good ole’ Disqus system). We try to be hands-off for the most part – we encourage everyone to post and we want people to be able to post freely, whatever their opinion may be. That being said, we do have a few policies:

  • We will never delete a comment or ban a user for posting a comment with a negative opinion on an article. If you think an article sucks or if you feel the writer of an opinion piece is off-base, we’d like to hear that as much as we want to read glowing praise and admiration. However, personal attacks on the writers themselves or other commenters won’t be treated as kindly. “I thought this article was poorly written and so-and-so who wrote it clearly has no idea what they’re talking about” is fine. “So-and-so who write this piece of trash is a retard and their mother is a whore”? Not so much. That’s when the hammer comes down.
  • I also don’t think it needs to be said that hate speech of any kind won’t be tolerated, either, but we’re going to go ahead and say it anyway.We’re pretty good at detecting satire and sarcasm, but we know actual bigotry when we see it.
  • We’ll also delete obvious spam when we see it, too. Speaking of which…
  • We don’t require you to have a Disqus or any other type of account in order to post in the comments section. We know a lot of you would rather stay as anonymous as possible – whether you have genuine privacy issues or you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist or maybe you’re just being a troll. That’s cool. However, in order to prevent spam, if you don’t have a registered account of some sort when you post, your comment won’t show up right away – we reserve the right to approve those, just to make sure you’re not trying to promote boner pills or something. Don’t worry, as long as you’re not selling boner pills or espousing the virtues of the Nazi party, your comment will get up there.

That’s about it. Not too unreasonable, is it? If you have any questions, fire up the ol’ Contact Us page and fire away. Thanks!