Don’t Kill It Kills At Fantastic Fest

Felix Morgan October 13, 2016 0
Don’t Kill It Kills At Fantastic Fest

Don’t Kill It is everything you’d expect from Mike Mendez, the cult-favorite director known for the delightfully over-the-top film, Big Ass Spider. It stars the beloved Dolph Lundgren and Kristina Klebe in a tale of demonic possession, blood, and bad-assery set in rural Mississippi. The premise is that the demon can possess the body of whoever kills the previous host of the demon. While a fast-paced spectacle with plenty of blood, at its heart it’s a comedy. 

Alamo Drafthouse proudly brought the film to Fantastic Fest this year, describing it with glowing praise:

Starting with the dial turned up to ten and only pushing further, Mike Mendez relishes the midnight genre with glee in this over-the-top and entertaining flick. His ability to combine excessive set pieces, eye-popping physical gore, and a constant sense of momentum creates a film that is consistently entertaining. Add to the mix the ever-brilliant Dolph Lundgren, and it almost literally pops out of the screen.”

I sat down with producers Craig Albrecht and Robert Yocum.

I’ve already read that director Mike Mendez has captured one of Dolph’s best performances to date. What did you think of their working relationship?

RY:  We wanted to have fun with Dolph’s well known action persona and show him as a charming rogue with a sense of humor— people seem to be loving it.

CA: Mike is an amazing director, and he and Dolph clicked right away. He was able to pull amazing performances out of all the actors, and it really shows in the film.

What’s your favorite thing about the movie?

CA: I love the way it walks a fine line between comedy and horror, using the best elements of both. People are going to be talking about this movie for a long time.

How has your experience been at Fantastic Fest?

CAFantastic Fest is the upcoming genre festival to be at…and we are just proud and honored to be accepted here.

RY: The fans here are the best audience. We are so glad to bring this movie to them.

Do you have anything in the works to follow up this film?

CA: We think it has a lot of franchise and even television potential. The plot and the characters are so strong, we think people would enjoy seeing more of them.

RY: We’re still considering options with all the buzz the film is getting so far. 

The movie made its North American debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, where it has already become a fan favorite. The film will screen October 14 and 15 in Barcelona at the Stiges Festival.