5 Video Game Franchises That Need To Be Revisited

Todd Rabanus December 2, 2012 10

Every once in a while, a video game comes along that blows you away. It may not be the most graphically impressive or flashy game, but a game that delivers untold amounts of enjoyment. Games that deliver an experience that keep you coming back to them year after year, feeling like it’s the first time you’ve played them.

Sometimes 10-15 years pass and you never hear of that game again. You ask yourself “what the hell happened to that game?” It was such a great game, it left the door wide open for sequel, so what gives? Maybe the developer had another idea it had to pursue or maybe the game didn’t sell as well as you thought it did. Whatever the reason, it still doesn’t explain where the hell your sequel is.

This is what I have been thinking lately. Where are the games that I thought I would play? It may just be the nostalgia from New Super Mario Bros. U or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m growing into an old fart and can’t let go of my childhood. Either way I feel the need to share with you the 5 games/franchises that need to come back (in no particular order).

 1. RC Pro-Am 


Rc Pro-AM was a remarkable game for a number of reasons. Released in 1988, it marked the first successful release for UK based developer Rare. Without it, who knows if Rare would have been able to give us great games like Killer Instinct, Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark.

Most of us got our racing kicks from Pole Position at the time, which offered a first person above the car view and very tight controls. RC Pro-Am decided to  go with an over the top isometric view which led to crystal clean car control. You have to realize that back then there were no analog sticks on controllers, so to be able to control a car with such precision with only a directional pad was quite the feat.

More importantly though this is the first game to introduce us to vehicular combat racing. There were 2 weapons in RC Pro-AM, missiles that fired in the front and bombs that dropped from the rear that hindered your opponents progress. There were also various obstacles that lied in the track like oil slicks and puddles that slowed down the player’s car. It was gameplay like this that inspired such as the Mario Kart series.

I can’t see RC Pro-Am being remade as a first person type of racer as it would be compared too much to the Mario Kart series. I think that if it were released with the same isometric view with updated graphics then Rare could have a hit on XBLA and PSN platform. Throw in some online multiplayer and global leaderboards and Rare could have a bestseller on it’s hands.

2. Strider

Capcom was still a relatively new company that had just found some success with its arcade icon Street Fighter in 1986. Just a few years later in 1989, Capcom released Strider for the NES. Set in distant future of 2048, the player takes control of Hiryu, part of a group of high tech ninjas known as Striders.

I remember Strider being an extremely difficult and yet addicting game. Playing the game made you feel like a complete bad ass. Backflipping over an enemy and then slicing and dicing him with your plasma blade was just awesome. The boss battle with the robotic snake looking thing caused me to break an insane amount of NES controllers against the wall.

3. California Games

I originally played California Games on the Commodore 64 and instantly fell in love. Maybe it was the weed, but these were sporting events I could understand. California Games had events in Half Pipe, Roller Skating, Surfing, BMX, Footbag, and Flying Disc. It was the ultimate anti-sports sports game.

Every event was an adventure, but the Footbag/Hacky Sack event had to be my hands down favorite. In real life I could do practically every trick that was in the game except for one, the hit the sea gull trick. Not too many of those in Cincinnati.

4. Maniac Mansion

In my honest opinion I think Maniac Mansion is Lucasfilm Games’s crowning achievement. Maniac Mansion is a point and click adventure following 3 teenager’s search for a lost girlfriend into the Mansion of the Edison Family. A family that can most accurately described as the Bizzaro world version of the family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Critically acclaimed for it’s graphics and pop culture humor Maniac Mansion is considered to be one of the most influential point and click adventures of all time. With the success of point and click adventures like The Walking Dead this may be the perfect time for Maniac Mansion’s triumphant return.

5. Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage was Sega’s answer to the Final Fight series that appeared on the NES system and in my opinion a much better side scrolling beat em up.

Playing as one of three vigilante police officers the goal is to overthrow Mr. X, an overlord who has taken over the city and police force.

Streets of Rage had to be the greatest co-op game of it’s time. Back then it was a 2 player game, but with the landscape of the online world today a remake could turn into one of the greatest 3 player beat em ups in history.

So there you have my nostalgic wishlist of the games that I want to be seen brought back from the dead. What are your suggestions?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/typicaladam Adam Webb

    I’ve sunk weeks of gameplay into 4/5 of these games (Didn’t play much Strider). I’d love to see each and everyone brought back particularly Maniac Mansion…

  • Lev186211

    wing commander, kings quest, space quest, double dragon

    • Lev186211

      I know they have sequels but they need to be revisited, their last sequels are old.

  • Gabriel76

    Why are some of the pics showing the wrong versions of the games? That’s obviously not the NES version of Strider, nor is that Streets of Rage…. it’s Streets of Rage 3. In regards to reviving old games I say bring back sega’s E-SWAT & data east’s MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE!

    • http://www.facebook.com/todd.rabanus Todd Rabanus

      you are correct about the Strider image. it is indeed from the arcade version, which is far superior and the one that should be revived. i should have stated that in the article. my apology.

      As far as the Streets of Rage is concerned I meant the franchise as a whole so any image from the series would suffice and dittos on E-swat

  • Gabriel1978

    sega’s E-SWAT & data east’s MIDNIGHT RESISTANCE

  • IKilledChubs

    SMASH T.V. needs a remake/update. That game was crazy fun and you had to be on your toes 110%. Not to mention the ridiculous half human/machine bosses.

    Also 3D World Runner for NES, the coolest thing about that game was if you paused it, the character would sit down and smoke a cigarette. The 3D of it was not that great but it would be fun today to put on a pair of red and blue paper glasses and play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=746875316 Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    ha, id forgotten about maniac mansion! but streets of rage FTW everytime

  • http://www.facebook.com/JaredScott47 Jared Scott

    Super Dodge Ball!

  • TheDoctor925

    Gabriel Knight!