Classic Game Fest Upgrades to Retro Video Games Convention This July In Austin

Kevin Sullivan March 1, 2013 0

classic game fest

One of the new regular features we’re working on over the next few months is a spotlight in independent video arcades and game stores all across the country. Here in Austin (and all over Texas, in fact), there’s a chain of classic video game stores called GAME OVER VIDEOGAMES. If there’s an old school video game or console you need to get your hands on, GAME OVER is the place you’d want to begin your search. Or eBay, I guess. That’s not a bad place to start either. Anyway…

For the past five years. GAME OVER has held their Classic Game Fest in their Austin location each summer, and each summer it gets bigger and bigger. Live bands, game tournaments, a dozen dudes dressed up as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII – you know the drill. This year, it’s gotten so big that the store owners and event organizers have said “aw, hell with it, why not?” and will be taking over the whole second floor of Austin’s Palmer Events Center, turning the Classic Game Fest into a full-blown Retro Video Games Convention.

It’ll all takes place July 13th and 14th and wristbands for the whole weekend are only $10. Full schedules for each day have yet to be announced, but there will be live bands playing video game music, an Artists’ Alley for local and out-of-town talent to showcase their game-related art, a History of Video Games museum and even a NEO GEO fan club. On top of all that, a portion of the sale of each ticket sold will go to a “local charitable organization”, although which one has yet to be revealed.

Keep up to date by visiting the Classic Game Fest website.

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