Full Voice Cast For Bioshock Infinite Revealed

Kevin Sullivan March 15, 2013 0
Full Voice Cast For Bioshock Infinite Revealed

With 2K Games’ Bioshock Infinite about to knock down our doors with its award-winning gameplay and battering rams made out of hundreds of awards, it’s nice to know that the designers decided to go with a cast of well known figures in voice acting. It’s tempting to load a high profile game with celebrities – sometimes it works (Grand Theft Auto III through San Andreas) and sometimes, well, not so much (True Crime: New York). Today, 2K announced who is voicing whom in the upcoming sci-fi, alt-history adventure shooter.

There’s no one in the cast whose name will stand out to the casual fan, but for hardcore gamers, there’s a bit to get excited about here:


Troy Baker (Final Fantasy XIII, Catherine, Red Faction: Guerilla, Brothers In Arms, Batman: Arkham City)
as Booker DeWitt

Courtnee Draper (Surf’s Up, Ponyo, and Kingdom Hearts II)
as Elizabeth

Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
as Rosalind Lutece

Oliver Vaquer (Dexter, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, The Warriors)
as Robert Lutece

Kiff VandenHeuvel (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition)
as Zachary Comstock

Kimberly D. Brooks (Mass Effect, Batman: Arkham City, XCOM: Enemy Unknown)
as Daisy Fitzroy

Keith Szarabajka (Argo, Sons of Anarchy, Halo 4, The Dark Knight, L.A. Noire)
as Cornelius Slate

Bill Lobley (Sealab 2021, Alan Wake, Mafia II)
as Jeremiah Fink

For more information on the rest of the cast, check out the official Irrational Games blog on the subject.