Here’s a Boba Fett Themed Trailer For STAR WARS PINBALL

Kevin Sullivan February 22, 2013 0

I’ve always been wary, amused and sometimes even downright confused when different styles of games get translated to the video game format. Sports? OK, there’s all sorts of given reasons why sports games make sense. Board games and multi-player card games? OK, you don’t always have other people to play with (not to insinuate you have no friends). Solitaire? Oh, for crying out loud, by a deck of cards, you loser.

Just as an aside, I made a snarky comment to my girlfriend the other day when I saw that a video game version of foosball (that table top version of soccer when you spin those rows of little soccer figures around) about “why don’t you just go play foosball somewhere?” until I figure it could be justified the same way I’m about to justify video pinall – you don’t always have access to a foosball table (and, in that instance, it’s kind of a tough game to play by yourself).

So, as not everyone has access to pinball cabinets all that easily (unless you live in or by North Austin and can just go to Pinballz), video pinball makes sense. Especially when you consider the game format allows you to do things you can’t do with a physical table. Regular pinball is, overly, clearly superior but, well, yeah…

Anyway, that’s my ridiculously roundabout way of getting to the point that Star Wars Pinball is coming out next week on all sorts of platforms (see below) as, as indicated by the trailer above, features a Boba Fett inspired level.

Score 10 million points and earn an extra ball... and hibernation sickness

Score 10 million points and earn an extra ball… and hibernation sickness

You’ll be able to download this and all sorts of other Star Wars themed tabletops on the following platforms on February 27th (a day early for your PS3 and Vita owners):

  • Star Wars Pinball on the Apple®App Store
  • Star Wars Pinball on Google Play™
  • Pinball FX2™ on Xbox LIVE® Arcade
  • Zen Pinball 2™ on PlayStation®3 and PS Vita as Cross-Buy entitled content
  • Zen Pinball HD™ on Google Play™
  • Zen Pinball™ on the Apple®App Store
  • Zen Pinball 2™ on the Mac®App Store
Wouldn't be Boba Fett without the Sarlacc Pit, we suppose

Wouldn’t be Boba Fett without the Sarlacc Pit, we suppose

Have fun! We’ll give Star Wars Pinball a run next week and let you know what we think.