The Most Influential Video Games of Each Console Generation

Kevin Sullivan September 16, 2014 0
The Most Influential Video Games of Each Console Generation

According to people who make it their business to keep track of these things, home video consoles are currently in their eighth generation (which includes the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U). With the release of Destiny and its attempts to “revolutionize the gaming experience” (not an actual quote from anybody, you just know someone has uttered that about this game at some point) and with the upcoming holiday season coming up – and because when do we need a reason to write about video games? – we’re taking a look at each of the past generations and naming what we feel is the most influential game of each. Needless to say, we’re ignoring the current generation as we’re still wallowing in it.

When we say “influential”, we don’t necessarily mean “the best” or “most popular”. We mean it’s the game we feel had the most impact on that generation and the ones that followed it. Also, while we fully acknowledge the importance of PC Games in the world of gaming as a whole (gaming wouldn’t be the same without titles like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Ultima, Everquest, World of Warcraft, Doom and more), we’re sticking with console games just for simplicity (this does not, however, exclude games that were released on both platforms).

For each segment, we list our choice plus a runner-up, but only one each. If we felt two games were equally influential, we didn’t stop deliberating until we found a reason for one to be just that much more influential. Anyway, enough blathering – on with the list:

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