Insane New Saints Row IV Footage

Kevin Sullivan May 9, 2013 0
Insane New Saints Row IV Footage

Exploding heads. Dubstep guns. Monster trucks. Super powers. Alien invaders. Just when you thought the Saints Row series couldn’t get any more ridiculous, this video demo from PAX East proves us wrong.

In this latest edition, the leader of The Saints (aka The Boss) has been elected the President of the United States (I hope that doesn’t mean the option to give your character a British accent is gone) just as aliens invade the planet. This demo, which also includes A Mayhem-style minigame involving a giant mech, takes place in a virtual reality version of Steelport, although I’ve heard that part of it will also take place in Washington D.C. Whether this is true or not, we’ll, at the very least, find out for sure in August 20, when Saints Row IV hits stores. Check out the video below.

With the closing of THQ, Deep Silver has taken over publishing of the title. Volition is still in charge of development, however.

Thanks to our friends at Kotaku for the heads up