3D Printing Will Disrupt Commercial Real Estate

Raul Harman March 22, 2016 0
3D Printing Will Disrupt Commercial Real Estate

Every time we believe that this is it, that we have seen it all, something new comes along and shakes the world as we know it to its core. The same could be said for the revolutionary notion of 3D printing which in its ingenuity threatens to disrupt commercial real estate business once and for all. Needless to say, this is not the only industry that will be utterly changed by the growth of 3D printing, but it is one of the most neglected. Here are some of the ways in which 3D printing will forever change the world of real estate as we know it.

Making Model Buildings

First of all, making 3D model buildings can completely change the landscape of real estate. To put it simply, what this can achieve is give you an accurate preview of what a building is going to look like when it is finished. Sure, something like this could be achieved even with manual modeling, but never with such delicate precision. In other words, you can just enter all the dimensions and plans for this building-to-be or an already existing building, then just downscale it to a required proportion. This kind of 3D preview, is more or less the same thing that virtual reality will do in the nearest future only this time, you can also feel the model and not just see it.

Improving Property Marketing

Now, we mentioned making of model buildings that will be made significantly easier, however it is the application of these models that will make a big splash in the world of property marketing. Agents will now be able to show potential clients and interested parties what their apartment and building will look like to the tiniest detail, which will be a push in the right direction and a genuine deal maker. This means that there will be no more room for guessing and speculation, which will only further raise respect towards people in this line of work.

Business Will Run Smoother With 3D Printing

Next, 3D printing can really make a difference when it comes to construction. Not only are people now able to make model buildings but also actual buildings using 3D printing technology. In 2014, world stood still when Chinese 3D printer built 10 houses in a single day. What this means for real estate is that business will become much more expedient. You will be able to just make a deal with a real estate agent for a home that you want and it could be built during the next day. There is no longer need for us to wait for future to begin since the future is already here. Furthermore, the customizability of homes that will become available in this way will be something truly incredible. Truly a Sci-Fi material.

Hard to Reach Places

Finally, there are some places which offer a great view and have a beautiful surrounding but are just incredibly difficult to reach. This means that it would be incredibly difficult for the material to get there which can further raise the cost of your entire construction effort. On the other hand, if you manage to get a 3D printer up there, you can just print all the material on spot, making even some of the most remote spots on earth into completely viable building sites. This will allow people more freedom not just in the design of their homes but also in their location.

As the teachings of Zen philosophy prophesize, everything is connected. It is more than obvious that every new technology opens up a number of options in almost every single industry branch out there. Future crossover between 3D printing and real estate industry just further goes to prove this point. These incredible devices and most of all this incredible idea aims to forever disrupt commercial real estate and make it more efficient and more lucrative than it ever was before.