Five Tips to Survive JAWS on the Water

Candice Roma July 11, 2017 0
sand sculpture Jaws

Now THIS is the kind of sand sculptures I want to see at the beach! Photo Credit: Iyahnna Adams

Hey Austin, Texas!  Every weekend through July 23, in a joint venture with FandangoNOW, the Alamo Drafthouse is taking over Volente Beach with a variety of JAWS screenings! It may not be safe to go back into the water, but it sure is fun. I had seen the original JAWS a couple of times, but never while sitting in an inner tube at the beach floating on Lake Travis. Forget DBox. This is a truly immersive experience!

Depending on the day, the Drafthouse will be showing either JAWS, JAWS 2, JAWS: THE REVENGE, or JAWS 3 in 3D. While the movies change, the experience should be about the same for everyone. Here are some tips to help you survive JAWS on the Water:

1. Get there early. The movie doesn’t start until around 9 pm (after sunset), but registration starts at 6 pm so that you can enjoy some of the rides at Volente Beach (there are about three water slides), chill in the water, sip beers and cocktails, and grab some tacos from Taco Baby or BBQ from one of the beachfront stands. It’s probably a good idea to get there a little bit earlier, because parking might take a while. You can purchase your parking pass ahead of time for a discount ($5 in advance, $7 on site).

2. Leave your valuables in the car. You can purchase wristbands for food and waterproof drink tickets so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a wallet, soaking your cash, or losing a debit card in the lake. This beach basically runs on the honor system of “Don’t steal my stuff, and I won’t steal yours.” It’s a nice thought, but I didn’t bring anything that I wasn’t comfortable with losing.

3. Don’t worry if you’re not a good swimmer. First off you’re in an inner tube, but even better than

Jaws on the water screening

Really, it’s okay to go in the water. Trust us. 😉 Photo Credit: Iyahnna Adams

that, they’ve closed off a section of the lake closest to the screen where the water isn’t very deep (if you’re taller than 5’5, even in the middle, you can stand and your feet will touch the bottom). But the screen is visible from almost any part of the lake, so if you want to venture into the deep, you can take your inner tube wherever you like.

4. Don’t freak out. There are no sharks in the water, but there are things, intended and unintended (no spoilers), swimming around in the water that might touch you. If you get nipped by a passing fish, try not to freak out too much. But seriously, after nightfall, the water is inky black, and you have no idea what’s lurking in there. It really ups the stakes while watching the movie and just adds to the awesomeness of the experience.

5. Bring someone who’s never seen JAWS. The original JAWS was released in 1975, and JAWS: The Revenge (the most recent of the franchise) is 20 years old. There’s a good chance you know someone who hasn’t seen any of these films. If the novelty of watching JAWS while floating in water isn’t enough to excite your cold, black heart, then knowing where all the great jump scares are while your buddy doesn’t is absolutely devilish!

JAWS on the Water is a new way to watch an old classic. Add watching JAWS on open water to your bucket list. It’ll be one of the coolest things you’ll do this summer.  For more information or to purchase tickets, check out this link: BirthMoviesDeathJawsOnTheWater