It’s the Final Countdown! “Arrested Development” returns in May on Netflix

Josh Alder January 9, 2013 0


If you don’t have a Netflix streaming account, now’s the time to get some money out of the banana stand. Netflix has just announced that the long-awaited return of gone-before-its-time TV series “Arrested Development” will return with 14 new episodes in May on its popular streaming service. It’s been six long years since Fox said “Say goodbye to these!” and pulled the show, which won an Emmy its freshman year for Outstanding Comedy Series, after three low-rated, but critically acclaimed seasons.

As previously promised by Netflix, all 14 episodes will be released at once, allowing fans to fire up the Cornballer, grab some hot ham water and indulge in a Bluth marathon until they are (literally) blue in the face. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz has said that this incarnation of the series will “look very different,” as individual episodes will mainly focus on one character. Meanwhile, Jason Bateman (who plays Bluth brother and reluctant family guardian, Michael Bluth) has told fans that these 14 episodes should not be considered season four of the series, but rather a prelude to a possible feature film in the future.

While no airdate has been announced, some sites have reported that Fox briefly posted a list of episodes with May 4 in the credits. Take that as you will… I hear the jury’s still out on science.

For now, fans can rejoice and wait just a bit longer for the Bluth family to return. There are dozens of  us… dozens!

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