Don’t Kill It takes a B Movie Idea and Elevates it to B+

Barbara Kennedy March 4, 2017 0

From the mind that brought the world Big Ass Spider! comes another fun, gore-filled genre film. Director Mike Mendez introduces us to a small Mississippi town where things go horribly wrong in Don’t Kill It. Starring Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, The Expendables) as Jebediah, a hunter of sorts, the movie is more crazy violence and less thought-provoking story, but honestly, sometimes you just want to watch a bit of fun chaos.

Dolph Lundgren in Don't Kill It

Dolph Lundgren isn’t expendable in Don’t Kill It.

When Jebediah arrives in the small town, he crosses paths with FBI agent Evelyn Pierce, played by Kristina Klebe (Dementia). Brought in to assist local authorities in an unusual investigation, she hails from the small town and seemingly should be able to provide more insight into the investigation. Dolph Lundgren attempts to play Jebediah as a loner, but often he comes across more as just a dick. Maybe he’s a loner because he’s a dick. He finds himself in some laughable situations and often times his responses to situations provide a dose of humor. I don’t know if Dolph Lundgren enjoyed giving his performance as much as I enjoyed watching it, but he exudes a type of lethargy and a hint of apathy that just feels appropriate. You get the sense he doesn’t really like people, which to an extent seems to contradict many of his actions.

If The CW and Quentin Tarantino had a baby while watching Troll 2, it would be Don’t Kill It. Part cheesy young adult horror and part bloody escapade with a death toll that competes with John Wick Chapter 2, Don’t Kill It provides a different kind of adversary from what one might expect. Certain nuggets in the story, like the specific characteristics of the thing Jebediah hunts make this less of a B movie and more of a B+ one.

The film could have benefited from a little less back story, as the exposition slows the pacing and disrupts the silliness which really is the whole point to a film like this. However, I appreciate that writers Dan Berk and Robert Olson make an effort, and some facets to the story prove far more original than the majority of B movies. The quirky small town characters who pop in and out of the narrative also provide a delightful look at small town life and the people who thrive in it.

If you find glee in over-the-top insanity and high body counts, then Don’t Kill It may be the perfect thing to make your weekend.  In select theaters and On Demand now.