Robowatch 2012 – New “Robocop” Remake Featurette.

Todd Johnson November 17, 2012 1

You want to see some new Robo? Well I’ve got plenty of new Robo for you!

The fine folks over at Bleeding Cool have a new “Robocop” featurette for you to gaze upon. If you’re like me, you’re a cynical bastard and you don’t want to see a new “Robocop” at all, but this has at least piqued my interests a little bit. Except for the suit. The suit still looks crummy. But the cast, that cast is great. Samuel L. Jackson AND Michael Keaton… any way, this is a pretty fluffy piece but you’ll get a really good look at the new Robo world they are trying to create.

Do you want a new “Robocop” movie? Is Jose Padilha as cool as Paul Verhoeven? Let everyone know what you think below!

RoboCop – Featurette Concept-Art Licensing… by Lyricis

  • Drexel

    I am bond by law to see anything and everything that has Gary Oldman’s name attached to it.