Other Worlds Austin Invades Central Texas Again

Barbara Kennedy December 1, 2015 0


Central Texas science fiction fans, pay attention.  This Thursday kicks off 2016’s Other Worlds Austin Film Festival right in your backyard.  The three-day event features some of the best science fiction fare you’ll see in theaters this year.

With its birth last year, Austin’s only science-fiction film festival wowed audiences with the high caliber offerings, especially given the great price for the badges.  With films from the globe covering such themes as post-apocalyptic/dystopian societies, alternate history, space travel, and technology with unexpected consequences, this year promises to be slightly bigger, slightly better, and yet still offering badges at a great price.

Get in on the ground floor and be part of something truly special before Other Worlds Austin’s popularity grows and the festival becomes as large and crowded as Fantastic Fest.   Take this opportunity to connect with other science fiction fans and filmmakers while the festival is still small and intimate.  If you love Sci-Fi, you owe it to yourself to visit Other Worlds Austin for more information and tickets.