What Happened to the Salad?! It’s BA-ACK!

Barbara Kennedy December 2, 2014 0
nuclear symbol

Don’t forget we’re nuclear

I’m sure you are pulling your hair out in terror at the fact that there have been no recent posts here at Nuclear Salad, but that’s the problem with nuclear energy.  It’s just so darned dangerous.  We had a leak at the core and had to evacuate the writers to ensure everyone’s safety lest there be a meltdown of catastrophic proportions.  But hey, fear no more!  We’ve sealed the leak with chewing gum and feel it’s safe to return.

Not only are we returning, but we’re coming back better than ever!  We have some exciting stuff ahead.  That’s right.  Just in time for the holidays, we are bringing you gift ideas for that geek in your life.  This month we’ll also take a look back at two amazing genre festivals, Montreal’s Fantasia and Austin’s Fantastic Fest, complete with a highlight of some of the films screened at each.  We have made some exciting discoveries and want to give YOU the scoop on what you should be eagerly anticipating/demanding to view.  You’ll also get to see our opinions on two popular online games as we compare Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth and Game of War: Fire Age.  Finally, our December gift-giving will include posts about the films screened (and our experiences) at Austin’s hard-to-get-into Butt-Numb-A-Thon so that, if you wanted, you could convince your friends you were actually there.

But that’s not all, looking towards the future, 2015 brings added content for a variety of interests.  Want to learn about wine so those snobby wine know-it-alls can stop acting superior to you?  We’re adding a monthly wine segment, picking the brains of some of Austin’s most knowledgable and least snooty wine retailers.  We’ll also be exploring local craft brewing, and visiting numerous breweries in the area.  At the end of the year, we’ll give you a top ten list because who doesn’t love a good list?

So don’t worry, the radiation has only given us superpowers.  If you want us to explore a particular film, book, wine, or Texas brewery shoot us an email.  Stay tuned and come back frequently for the latest and greatest.