The Salad Welcomes Raul Harman

Barbara Kennedy March 22, 2016 0
We have tech news now!  Oooooh!

We have tech news now! Oooooh!

Hey readers!  Have we got something different for you.  We’re branching out and adding some tech news and information in order to ensure that you could hold your own discussing technology with that cute computer geek you’ve been eyeing at the coffee shop.

The Salad welcomes Raul Harman (Raul rhymes with Paul) as our newest contributor.  I’m fairly certain he’ll be the first to know when the machines become sentient, so you’ll definitely want to keep up with his posts.  Hailing from the land Down Under, he’s pretty awesome, quite witty, super knowledgeable about all things tech, and he even types in a very sexy accent.  That last bit may or may not be true, but you’ll have to read his stuff to find out.

He’ll be posting occasional content about what’s going on in the tech universe, so check back frequently and get your tech education here. Or send your parents.  They desperately need help with this stuff.  Mom, that’s a drive, not a cupholder!

Check out his first post here 3D printing…

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon.