Attack of the Spread – Super Bowl Edition

Mike Stroeh February 1, 2014 0


This is it for yet another NFL season.  The Super Bowl matches the top two seeds, and top two ugliest uniforms in the league, so there isn’t much more you could ask for outside of an old school black & white TV.

This week’s Tim Bits:

Take the under on touchdowns scored and also the under on turnovers.  Take the over on Omaha.  Not the number of times Peyton says Omaha, but the number of annoying times the announcers and studio people mention it.  I just hope for a good game and I can’t wait for Anna Kendrick’s commercial.

Denver vs. Seattle:  Line – Denver by 2 1/2

Tim’s change:  Denver by 8

So #1 O vs #1 D… forget that part. Can Seattle’s Offense do damage to Denver’s D? That is where the game secretly lies. Denver has played better on defense than anyone realizes. Seattle has played a tougher schedule than they receive credit for. I think Denver can stop the run and force QB Russell to win the game with his arm and legs.

I think… that won’t happen.

Denver 22, Seattle 14, MVP? Matt Prater and his 5 field goals kicked.

Mike’s change:  Pick

So those of us who root for chaos are a bit disappointed that the weather in New Jersey for the Super Bowl is going to be nicer than most of the country, which is probably one of the only times “New Jersey” and “nicer than most of the country” will be in the same sentence.  Normally the lack of inclement weather would seem to benefit the Broncos and their high flying, timing based offense.  I already expect that to be disrupted by Seattle’s massive collection of defensive backs.  If any team is equipped to stop Denver’s offense, it’s this Seattle team.  The real question will be if Seattle’s offense can score enough points to win a game where a defensive “victory” is holding their opponent to around 21 points.  I don’t know if they can do it, but I think they can cover the spread.  I think we’re in for another nail biter of a game that makes the cheap companies that bought 4th quarter advertising very, very happy.