Nuclear Salad –  established in 2012

Editor-in-Chief – Kevin C. Sullivan

Managing Editor – Barbara Kennedy

Technical Manager – Macario Reyes

Art Director – Jeff Obrien (Nuclear Salad logo trademark Jeff Obrien Designs)

Marketing Director: Anna Harrod

Movies & TV editor – Barbara Kennedy
  Movies & TV Staff: Jamie Paisley, Josh Alder, Jana Pollack, Scott Pepper, Jessica Lonsdale

Music editor – [vacant]
Music staff: Andrew Garner, Brady Hosler

Games & Gadgets editor – Kevin Sullivan
Games  & Gadgets staff: Todd Rabanus, Jason Davis

Sports editor: Mike Stroeh
Sports staff: Timothy Cree, Mike Arone

Beer, Booze & Food editors – Lola Cutter Hensel
Beer, Booze & Food staff – Debbie Cerda, Seth Marantz, Noël Fisher, Daniel Gazaille, Mike Arone

Interested in writing? Contact the editor(s) of the appropriate section and ask them for more information.